Exhibitions, congresses, etc.


We present our ideas in a direct and individual manner to a wide audience through trade fairs, conferences, conventions etc..

As a FULL SERVICE PROVIDER we offer everything from advice / conception, design, planning and organisation to conventional booth construction / exhibition systems / design and manufacture of individual elements for your presentation through to complete fittings/set-up and dismantling / transport / storage and maintenance of exhibition stands.

We’re also happy to set up and dismantle your existing stand and, if required, store it.

We deal with all the formalities such as approval procedures and the filling-in of forms, and these are not special services, they are an integral part of the FULL SERVICE we provide.

We plan and execute all aspects of your trade fair participation and ensure perfect harmony between materials and technology. For you this means optimum functionality and being able to fully focus on your presentation. Classic booth construction, stand systems/tailored (CUSTOM-BUILT) ... incl. lighting, acoustics and documentation (film/photo) ... pavilions. Catering (table products, seating, food and drink, service staff, sparkling wine/cocktail bar... presentation) display and information systems: booth/folding walls, presentation/sales displays, posters, flags / banners / stretch transparencies, floor graphics...

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